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Ethnic Embrace USA


​"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." Habakkuk 2:14

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2014 Ramadan Prayer Campaign

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​At the center of Ethnic Embrace USA is a Biblical call to embrace the nations among us. Through the "Ethnic Embrace USA - Prayer Journey" we explore 40 different Scripture passages that develop a theology for embracing the nations. We must embrace the nations because God does - it's His-Story. He calls us to the task of Blessing the Nations Among Us! Are you ready to take the journey!? 
Ethnic Embrace USA is a  movement to embrace what God is doing in bringing us the nations. Today there are hundreds of people groups, many from the 10/40 Window, many representing Unreached People Groups now calling the U.S.A. home. We have an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate the love of God and share Jesus toward finishing the task right here in our cities and communities. Let's mobilize the Church for such a time as this. 
"To belong to Jesus is to... 
...embrace the nations with Him." 
John Piper

Ethnic Embrace USA seeks to  mobilize the Church for greater effectiveness in Blessing the Nations Among Us! That can't happen without united prayer and collaboration action in cities across the U.S. United strategic prayer is our mission and collaborative action in cities is our vision. Get connected  and keep informed about the development of Ethnic Embrace USA. Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Stay informed to pray informed. 
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USA People Group Prayer Project

Discover and Pray for the nations among us
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The new print version is now available for order! Featuring 40 of the largest "diaspora" people groups in the USA, along with 40 devotions that unfold the story of God's mission from Genesis to Revelation, Ethnic Embrace USA is designed to both inform and inspire the reader to bless the “nations” Get your copy today! The new print version is now available for order! 
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New 40 Days Website!  
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Accompanying the new printed version of Ethnic Embrace USA is our new interactive 40 Days website. From a QR code, in the printed version ony, you will be able to explore each featured people group further. www.40-Days.US is an interactive experience for the whole family to enjoy and learn together.   
June 28th - July 27th, 2014 
Join us for the 2014 Ramadan Prayer Campaign as we pray for the 30 largest Muslim People Groups in the USA
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